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Zabby 2014 by unicorn-foal
Zabby 2014
The following description is shamelessly copy-pasted from Tumblr:

I don’t think any of my current circle of friends has known me long enough to recognise this character, so here’s a brief explanation: When I was sixteen, for a variety of reasons, I made this winged squirrel-like character I named Zabby. She had a whole story surrounding her, casting her as a teen killed and brought back to life as a cyborg, and it was very tragic and I made comics of it on DeviantArt and even used it as my first Nanowrimo project back in 2010. After that, I started to realise that her story reeked of “a sixteen-year-old thought this up”, so I just stopped doing anything with her.

Anyway, I randomly remembered Zabby again today, and, since I am in the middle of writing a massive TOME fanfic, I wondered what she would look like as a TOME character. So I drew her again for the first time in… probably at least four years, if not more.

(Incidently, she’ll be ten years old in January. I should do something to commemorate that. There will be a lot of talking involved, I think.)

I've uploaded this here to DeviantArt because... well, it feels proper to do it with Zabby, since everything else about her is still here.



Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Name: Beth 'Unicorn-foal'
Gender: Female
Loves: Doctor Who, Homestar Runner, Monkey Island etc.

I should really get around to making a new ID. o.o
Not bothering with the excuses anymore. I will give just one word: University. Then I will give a second word: Animating.
When I'm not working, that is. :3
I am on twitter, though! If anyone else who still cares about me (and isn't in the Treehouse :XD: c'mon, guys) is on twitter, you can find me beyond this link - - and add me! It'd be great to see you guys more regularly than just through your art! :D

I might upload some of the stuff I've been doing for assignments, but not all of it will be terribly interesting. :XD: Also, I notice that I have a bunch of Random Squirrel comic strips I never uploaded. Anyone actually care about those? I'm kinda embarrassed about them at this point, even though there's only four. In fact, don't be surprised if more stuff quietly disappears from that list because I'm too embarrassed of the old art. ^^; Not that anyone pays attention to it, but...

SA 22, 23: Cleaning up
SA Novel: Editing
HaW 12 to 21: Cleaning up
HaW 22 to 29: Scripted
HaW Character Page: Arranging layout, drawing
RS4 10 to 13: Complete, not uploaded for some reason
Horse Sled: Planning

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